Agent prompt when taking a call

Hi Everyone

Wonder if you can help. Years ago i managed a Aspect call centre that took about 10,000 calls a day. One of the features was agent prompt or we called it call whisper.

So call would connect to the agent, but before the caller and agent were connected, the agent would hear in their headset “so and so scheme”.

I was wondering if Asterisk could do the same in ear prompt? However this time i don’t want it simple. I would like the system to query the caller cli and then play the appropriate announcement to the agent (don’t worry, this system will only be taking 5-10 calls a day.


Chriz B

I have tried various searches in the forums, but no luck.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I would assume that the membermacro feature is intended for this sort of use. As macros are deprecated, any subroutine equivalent, in current versions, should be preferred.

Note that Asterisk uses the term “whisper” for when a supervisor, etc., intervenes in a call but only injects audio towards the agent.

Hi David

Cheers for the reply, the Asterisk whisper is an interesting one. I can not remember if the Aspect system had that feature - going back 20 years now - how time flies. I will have a look at those variables.