Agent login

Hello All,

I have never really needed to work on a project dealing with agents and queues. I am currently building a new server on 1.4.1 and I can log an agent into a queue with no problem. I have too things that i would like to change.

1st. Can i turn off the on hold music for the agent so they dont have to listen to that while waiting for a call?

2nd. Is there a way to keep the agent logged in once they hangup the phone? They get logged out when i hangup the phone.

i hate to sound dumb, i just never had a need to work with queues.


You would want to use AddQueueMember and RemoveQueueMember for this. Don’t use Agents as there are many issues with them. There should be plenty of mention of this out there.

yeah i thought maybe things cleared up in 1.4.1

thanks for your help.