After leaving a voicemail return to IVR

Right now, if someone leaves a message to an extension’s mailbox, the system gives option to press the # or hangup. (If review=yes is in the voicemail.conf file)

After pressing # it gives 4 more options:

Press 1 to accept the recording - selecting this option accepts then disconnects
Press 2 to Listen to it
Press 3 to ReRecord or
Press 0 to reach an operator

Can I somehow change it to add one more option:

Press 5 to return to the main IVR

Or it could be simple enough to modify the VM Macro in extensinos. conf to dial an extension or automatically dialing an extension that forwards to an IVR when option 1 is pressed instead of disconnecting after accepting the recording.

I could easily play other prompts instead of the “Good Bye” for example playing: Please enter extension you wish to dial

But I could not make it dial an extension upon pressing 1.

Any help please ? (I am trying to learn and read the asterisk: Future of telephony book)