Advise on SIP History

Today im just looking for some advise from the greater asterisk community.

Our Asterisk based offering is coming into maturity. But we lack in some of the “oops, what happened there…” type reporting. Like if a call drops, yes there is a message written to the log, but is near impossible to tie that back to a CDR. So if we say, wanted to present our customers with a nice CDR with a little tick on the right - saying call completed correctly, or wanted to say “average jitter during call”, or something like that, we couldn’t really, not right now.

So this is where i need some advice… I have been trying to find more information in things like > sip show history. Or any of the sip statistical tools that can give us a more complete story of call activity. I have seen in many places putting sip debugging on is a bit of a no-no, as in it just generates way too much log data. But what about sip history… also what is it? If i enable sip history will it slow things down, and make too many logs etc? Does anyone have any suggestions with regards to this?

CDRs are a lame duck technology. You should be looking at CELs.

The only tool for tying events together is the channel unique ID.

The best way of getting missing features implemented is to implement them yourself and submit them to the community.

SIP history is a debugging aid. The easiest way of finding out what it does is to use it. I don’t believe it consumes much processing power. I don’t believe the results are intended for machine processing.

In my experience, many real world problems require more detail than is available in SIP history.