Need a little help here please

hi i am a network admin student. My teacher has asked to to set up a Asterisknow server. i have downloaded the Os and installed it. Now i have a few questions.

  1. how can i determine system requirements. i have it installed but what ram HD space processor is needed to have a good fast system.
  2. is there documentation on how to set up asterisknow besides the asterisk manual on this site. i briefly read through it but it seems to be addressing command line steps for the regular asterisk system not the GUI.
    3)How effective is it to run asterisknow on VMware. i have it installed on it but are there any down sides
    4)what are entitlements?? it is on the 2nd to last step of the configuration page and i have no idea what it is or what to enter

thanks for all of your time and help

  1. for testing purposes up to 1-3 simultaneaus calls any 2 GHz P4 or fatser with 256MB RAM will be fine. As a comparison for 50-100 simultaneous calls a 2+GHz Dual Core and 1 GB RAM would be fine in most cases.

  2. Not that I know of.

  3. Its not a great idea. for pure testing it “works” but call quality is fair to poor. If you need to hook your system to analog or digital phone lines you cannot use VMware.

  4. sorry, I dont have any idea what this is I dont use AsteriskNOW