Adding a delay before closing the bridge after last marked user left

Hello everyone,
I have user that is marked=yes, and a user that is end_marked=yes
As far as i know, when the last marked user leaves the confbridge, then the end_marked user will be kicked out.
What i would like to do is to add a 10 sec delay before the kicking up is happening. i prefer to set it globaly, but if not posibble, also dialplan level is ok. Any ideas?
Asterisk 18.20.2

Analyzing the configuration file of Confbridge, I didn’t find a configurable option to achieve this using the end_marked=yes option. What comes to mind is creating your own end_marked=yes option using the Asterisk AMI ConfbridgeLeave event and external programming. However, you’ll need a way to identify, perhaps by using the channel belonging to a marked user, and then manually kick the user out after adding a 5-second delay to your script.