Confbridge last user hangup issue

suppose we have 3 user A,B and C in conference using confbridge application in asterisk 13.User A is admin.If A disconnect the call ,all user will be disconnected automatically.

But if user C then user B disconnect the call ,admin user A will single user left in conference .Admin have to disconnect it manually.

Can is it possible if single user is left in conference ,it will disconnect automatically.
Is it possible?

Yes, you can do that. You’d probably want to consider how long that one user was in the conference for by themselves and not hang up until N seconds pass. Then check every minute or two from cron jobs to see what conferences need cleaning up.

Seems like this should be easily doable using AMI. For instance, you can use the following AMI events to monitor when someone joins and leaves a conference:


And once there is only a single user left (after more than one has joined) then either kick the one from the bridge, or hang it up.

Thanks sir, i will try to do with AMI .Thanks for this valuable reply. :relaxed:

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