ConfBridge end_marked

If I use the option end_marked on a conference user/participant for ConfBridge, will this user be able to join the conference by him/herself before any other users join?

user1 with option end_marked=yes dials into conference and waits for user2 with option marked=yes, conference with two callers starts.

In this example, will the conference end if either or both of the callers hang up?

What I need is for the first caller to be able to join the conference by him/herself, then add a second caller and if either of them hangup, I need the conference to end.

More specifically, I need the conference to start with a single caller, then I will add 2 more callers, one of the second two callers will hangup and the other two need to stay in the conference until one of them hangs up, then the conference should end.

That’s confusing as heck I know, apologies.

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