Add modules after Asterisk installation

Hi all,

I am using Asterisk 13 coupled with FreePBX 13 in the production.
During Asterisk installation, I have disabled “old” chan_sip in “make menuselect” as I did not suppose to use it on this machine

However, I encountered several limitations in chan_pjsip impacting its applicability for production in my environment: unsupported DNS SRV lookup, inability to disable forcefully direct media and specify video codecs in FreePBX UI etc.

Is there any way to enable chan_sip without reinstalling Asterisk completely? Personally I do see any easier way as all the libraries and configurations related to chan_sip are missing. But may be there is some trick?

Your feedback is appreciated.

There are no external libraries required for chan_sip, it just needs to be enabled in menuselect and it will be built and then installed. As for your PJSIP comments - it does support SRV and you can disable direct media (at least on the Asterisk side, the FreePBX side is out of our control).

Hi jcolp,

In regard to DNS SRV, of course, I meant FreeBPX.

During initial installation, I ran through make menuselect -> make install -> make config
Shoukd I run through the same steps now?

The “make config” will overwrite any existing configuration. As I don’t use FreePBX I have no idea what that will do to your over all install.

When recopiling Asterisk these are the steps to use :

make menuselect
make install

Thank you everyone. Appreciated.

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