Accounts registered, but call is not going

Hi Friends,

  1. I am new to Trixbox.
  2. First I explain my network architecture. I have a public IP and got internet connection from a ISP. I have connected the internet cable which is coming from ISP to a router. Now, I have connected to Trixbox server to the router.
  3. I have assigned static IP (192.168.2.x) to trixbox server and mapped my public IP to trixbox server to access from outside.
  4. I have done SIP and IAX port forwarding also with the router.
  5. Now, I configured my Trixbox server and created two SIP accounts called 101 and 102.
  6. Now, I and my friend logged in with XLite softphone with 101 and 102 respectively.
  7. If I executed “sip show peers” command, its showing that 101 and 102.
  8. Now, If I make a call form 101 from 101, call is not connecting. XLite is telling that “The person you are calling is unavailable, please try again” continuously and XLite screen is displaying that “Call failed:service unavailable”

What is the problem? Please tell me a solution. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.


Set verbosity level to 6 and see what comes up on the CLI. Also did you make an extension 101 to call SIP/101. Just creating a sip account will not ‘normally’ create the extension for it.


Thank you for your response. As you said, I have set the verbose level to 6. But, its now showing anything, when I make a call from 101 to 102 and its repeating same error. After logging in both 101 and 102 softphones, its showing that 101 and 102 are registered, when I execute “sip show peers” command. I think the problem is with router. Please tell me a solution. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.


did you create an extension that dials the phone ? For example:
Exten => 101,1,Dial(SIP/101) .

Also can you please explain your router set up in detail ?
Did you set up extern ip ?
Did you set Nat=yes ?
Did you forward Ports 5060 and 10000-20000 to the server ?