Aastra vs Polycom dialing differences


I recently configures Asterisk 1.2. I purchased Aastra 480i and Polycom 320 phones. I set them up basically with Auto provisioning. I ran the respective config files on the Asterisk server before configuring the phones.

The problem I am having is that Aastra requires that I dial 9+1+Outside number to dial out, however Polycom just requires the outside number. I am sure in the Polycom configuration somewhere 9+1 is added to the dialing sequence. I would like the Polycom behavior tobe the same as Aastra. Can someone please guide me how to do that.

Thanks so much.


Refer to the section called “Local Digit Map” in the Polycom Administrators guide. You can download the guide from Polycom:

polycom.com/usa/en/support/v … 0_320.html

BTW, make sure to download v.2.2 of the Administrator’s Guide. It’s the latest. For some reason, they still have the old version on their website.