Help with Connecting an Aastra Phone


I am looking for some assistance on how to troubleshoot why an phone isn’t connecting properly. We have an Aastra 480i and it seems no matter what I do - it’s not connecting (I get the person at extension 200 is not available).

We have other Aastra’s and I have been able to get those up and running - but for some reason this one won’t. This is a system I have inherited by the way - and not much documentation exists.

Not even sure where to start with this one since I am new to Aastra.

Any help - advice - direction is appreciated.


As the 480i is a really old model: Does Your installation send a provisioning to the phone or is the SIP-Account for the phone configured by hand within the phone.

In case of provisioning: Check the webserver / tftpserver delivering the configuration whether the phone requested it’s configuration or not and for any errors.

In case of manuel cconfiguring: Check the network settings of the phone as well as the sip account settings and enable SIP-debbugung on the Asterisk-Side based on the IP-Address the phone ist configured for thus You may have a look into all packets sent from the phone to Your Asterisk-box.


Thanks for the answer. With our other models we do the provisioning manually on the phone. I do it but everytime when I restart the phone it disappears. It’s like it isn’t saving. I have web access as well as manual access to the phone.

What should I do?

Hi there

Thanks for the reply. I configure the phone either via the phone interface or webpage access. I have tried both and it doesn’t seem to keep the config when I do it. I will put in all the necessary information and then it will say that I need to re-start the phone - when I do the information that I just put in is gone. It’s as if it’s not saving the config.

I am not sure how to solve this?

Sounds like a faulty firmware, I would reload firmware. then do a factory reset and program it.