Aastra 480i vs snom 360

I’m looking at the Aastra 480i (possibly the 480i CT which also comes with a wireless phone) and the snom 360. i’m wondering hwo tough they might be to configure or if anyone on this forum has used either of tese before. any info would be appreciated

Not used the polycom, But as far as the aastra goes its done from the .cfg files that are picked up automaticly. I would assume polycoms are the same.

I’ve used both. They both rock.

Both have useful config file formats that can be generated from a script with relative ease. Both config files are well documented. AAstra docs are truly excellent. Both have useful support. Both support TFTP via DHCP, so if you deploy alot on your LAN you can set the DHCP option and not have to put settings into each phone manually.

AAstra do not support custom ring tones at all from what i can tell. They have 6 or 7 warble type ringers built in and thats it. You can distinctive ring by sip header or by account.

SNOM does support custom rings, as many as you want in fact. Put the HTTP address to a correctly formatted wav file in the sip header and it will pull the ringer + ring. Very cool. Also can distinctive ring by account or by header, including built in rings.
Snom has the wonderful feature that most config updates don’t require a reboot to take effect. AAstra requires a reboot.

Bottom line they are both excellent phones and will serve you well.

good to hear. i’m getting a snom 300 for my home office.