Aastra 390 - Config w/Asterisk interface

I have a few programmable/OEM Aastra 390 phones that I would like to have programmed for Asterisk features.

Ideally I really only want to program the soft keys for the idle & in call screens to handle basic asterisk functions like park call, check voice mail, transfer, etc. with each key set to simply dial a DTMF feature code (I don’t need the fancy interactive ADSI apps)

Currently the phones are hooked up to SIP based ATA devices and working just fine. It’s just that the main reason I bought these phones was because of their programmable soft keys.

I know there is a web based configuration service available. It’s perfect for what I would like, unfortunately every time I try and use it (even when dialling from a land line) the download into the phone fails.

What is strange is that when I phone to download pre-programmed packages for call management systems like Artigen, Altisoft & Shorelin, it downloads into the phone perfectly. But none of the mentioned systems seem to have remotely similar feature codes to Asterisk’s.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.