AA50 Appliance time based rules for IVR

I assumed that since the rules appeared in the *now beta (albeit broken) that they would be functional in the appliance once it was out but it would appear that I was wrong. Does anyone at Digium have an unofficial ETA when that function is going to be available. I’m looking at being forced to build them by hand but the learning curve is going to be steep. Perhaps someone can give me some pointers on getting them going on the asterisk appliance easily?



We weren’t happy w/ the implementation of time-based call routing rules as found in *Now - there were some edge condition, like between months, errors that were exposed. So, while that feature was present in a few interim builds of the AA50 software, we pulled it from the release code.

I can say that adding it back isn’t the next thing on our schedule. We’ve got a few bug fixes that we’re looking to introduce in a release that will appear on the AA50 section of the BE download portal within the next couple of business days - possibly by the end of today. It, time-based routing, isn’t totally off of our radar though. :smile:


I got it working manually. Here’s some selected portions of my extensions.conf.


I then ran into a problem with the ring group (ringgroups-custom-1) not failing over to a voice menu if nobody in the ring group answered it. I was forced to fix it manually, and here’s a copy of the ring group.


Following is the voicemenu-custom-2 referenced above.


I can’t remember exactly which portion of which context was causing the problem with the fail over to voice menu not working. But I tried repeatedly to get it going with the GUI on *Now and my appliance with no luck.

Unfortunately I can’t get the appliance to send messages via e-mail. I can get *Now to do it, though *Now refuses to delete the message after it sends it.

Hey malcomd, any word on that update?


The ring group failure you mention as well as the voicemail to e-mail bug will both be addressed in a bug fix release that’ll be hitting the download portal very, very soon. Stay tuned to the Digium blog for the announcement.