A strange problem of Asterisk 1.8

This has been discussed in one of the posts but never been solved. It had been confirmed with a few people so I believe it is real. It only happens in a particular hardware/software combination so it is interesting but difficult to point to the right cause. I hope someone can look into it.
I have been using Dockstar (an Marwell Kirkwood arm based device) with Deian as the Linux system and Asterisk/FreePBX with great success. It never had any serious problem. However, once I installed Asterisk 1.8, it was working very unstably. After install, it will working for a short time. After rebooting, it stopped working. The error message was always: "ERROR[23208]: rtp_engine.c:325 ast_rtp_instance_new: No RTP engine was found. Do you have one loaded? [Nov 9 13:06:32] ERROR[23208]: chan_sip.c :8078 process_sdp: Got SDP but have no RTP session allocated."
Moreover, sip phones can only log into it with null password. (see: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=75868). I tried it on SheevaPlug(Kirkwood based)/Debian and had the same issue.
I have installed Asterisk 1.8 using the exact same procedure on Ubuntu on an X86 virtual machine without problem. I have installed Mario’s A-1.8 packages (supermario-world.blogspot.com/20 … voice.html) on ARM based OpenWRT routers with no problem either. It looks like someone was selling working Dockstar pre-installed with OpenWRT/Asterisk 1.8. So it looks like a problem only occurs when using the Kirkwood/Debian/Asterisk 1.8.
Hope someone in the development community can look into this problem and fixed it in the next release.

I’m not sure if ARM is supported by the development community, per se (I get a warning when making on my SheevaPlug).

But, I had the same problems, and traced them down. If you are doing the compiling, then you can fix the problem easily.

Details in a separate topic in this forum.