A modern C++ library for the ARI interface

Hi all,

I developed a modern C++ library for ARI called aricpp.
You can find it on http://github.com/daniele77/aricpp

The main characteristics of aricpp are:

  • modern C++
  • multiplatform
  • header only
  • high-level interface to manipulate asterisk concepts (channels, bridges, ā€¦)
  • low-level interface to send and receive ARI commands and events from asterisk
  • fluent interface
  • efficient (tested with Sipp traffic generator)

Your feedback is welcome!


@rnewton ^ wiki inclusion?

Added to https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/ARI+Libraries


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Thanks, guys!
Now Iā€™m waiting for feedbacks from the community :slight_smile: