Asterisk APIs in C language

Hi all, I’m new to Asterisk and I will soon probably be involved in the development of a Call Manager based on Asterisk in an embedeed Linux environment.

Going through the documentation here I see tha AMI, AGI and REST APIs can be called by PHP, Jscript, Python applications.

Is there any API in C language to develop applications using Asterisk as engine?

Are AT commands supported by any Asterisk API?

Thanks in advance for your ansewrs.

You can also use C/C++ for AMI, AGI, etc. There are a couple of third party libs. For simple things it may not be worth the effort to use a special lib, especially for AGI or AMI.

Asterisk does not emulate an analog modem, in case this is what “AT commands” refers to.

Thanks @EkFudrek, when you say “There are a couple of third party libs” do you mean nanoagi

and aricpp


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