A method to STUDY Asterisk Source Code. Teacher, pls come in

Hi, teacher.

I am a baby programmer.

Now, I bother my brain because I must study Asterisk source code.

Before I have been studied about SipX on the www.sipfoundry.org site

I must understand Asterisk source code for a few days. :frowning:

But I could not find a content made an analysis of the Asterisk Source code.

What’s the matter.

Teacher, Please help me.

Teach me a method to study Asterisk source code.

I wanna look a lot of document, Urls, and so on.

… I am sure teacher.

… I 'll still be here.

from blond_222@hotmail.com[quote][/quote]


Now I am glad. because I had find the method.

In the future, if someone endeaver to study one look my words in here.

find keyword: Asterisk doxygen
sites: asterisk.org/doxygen

Maybe U will look like :stuck_out_tongue:
You will not lead a vagabond life no longer 8)