About the internal works of Asterisk!

Hi, guys!

I am looking for some technical material describing the internal structure and working flow of the Asterisk PBX software.

To my dismay (and also to my surprise), I searched the Asterisk homepage and the Internet, but failed to find any systematic introductory materials on this topic.

Anyone who can provide me with or refer me to such materials is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Try this link:

[quote=“davevg”]Try this link:

This is not what I want, but thank you very much anyway :smile:


Its not clear if you want a schematic or description of programatic flow of a call.

therefore its very hard to answer, if its a schematic heres and old one web.archive.org/web/200110211536 … index.html


I assumed what he wanted was the design specification heirarchy.

That’s something that rarely exists for open source software (and is almost never made available to end users of proprietary software, if it exists for that software).

The first link given would be too detailed and the second is marketing, rather than technical, in nature.