A big commercial doubt

Hello friends.
A doubt a little more commercial than any other.
My company asked me to make a webphone. Okay, we did, and now I was thinking about the server part. Our services are related to alarms, therefore we sell to alarm centers, which sell to end customers.

This reseller has the “monitor” people, the guys who tell you if your house was stolen, invaded, I do not know. Well, it’s these “monitors” that would use my webphone. The problem is that I have about 1,000 clients, each with an average of five monitors.

I did my Asterisk to understand how it works, but we came to the conclusion that it would be better to outsource.

How could this be done? A great PBX that behaves everything? Multiples PBX? I just need to understand how I can do this …

P.S: I made a head count here, and I would need a big pbx that behaves about 5000 extensions and 2000 trunks …

Really scaling depends on what your PBX is actually doing. Outside of the network traffic that may be generated there are CPU demands that you may want to address.

What PBX functionality do you need to use as part of the app?

Call recording?

Call Queuing?

Dynamic agents?

Is Asterisk even the right fit for what you are doing? Do you instead need a SIP proxy and not a back to back user agent?

I just need to make calls (don’t need to receive), call recording and a history of calls.
I think that’s all.

That’s something that I really don’t know