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Ok here is the story. I work for a retail company and I amd based out of the headquaters. I would like to be able to setup ip calling between the stores and us. All of the stores are connected on a 128 Frame over DSL. What would be the best way to get this going. With hardphones or softphones no biggie. I downloaded Asterisk and have alot of learning to do.

Also would i have to put a pbx in each store or just one? and heres the last question what is the best soft phone in your opinion to get something like this going.


I’m using twinkle on linux, and it works fantastically, and provides great debug output. For windows, I’ve only used eyebeam, but it seems to work very well, too, if you’re willing to pay.


cool i will try that out but as for my question about running on a WAN. would i need a pbx in each store? or can i just have one at our datacenter?

one at the main hq would work. depends on what you want people at the satellite offices to use. when you say “128 frame over dsl”, what does this mean? i hope it doesn’t mean 128kb BW or you can forget this right now…

actually between 128k and 192.k

still marginal unless you only have 1-2 calls at the same time and/or use a high-compressio (read: crappy quality) codec. hopefully the main office has a bigger pipe?