6 Analog Lines, 8 DID Trunks (20 DIDs) = 14 FXO modules?

So I’ve got my TDM02B & TDM04B in my box to handle my 6 incoming Analog lines. I’ve also got 8 (0-7) DID trunks. Do I need to add 8 more FXO modules to hook my DID trunks into my Asterisk box? Or is there another way?


You can use a channel bank device. They take a combination of 24 FXO / FXS ports and convert them into a T-1. So you would hook all of your analog lines into the channel bank which converts them into a T-1. Then run RJ-45 cable from the channel bank to a T110P card in the Asterisk box. The bottom of this page talks about configuring the above example on an asterisk box. Hopefully this helps.