2 Problems with Asterisk/FreePBX, Possibly related


I have 2 problems…which maybe related.

One: ConfigEdit works only partially, I can edit files and save the changes OK, but if I clcik on the “Re-Read Configuration”, I get a message saying" Reset Failed".

Also, the CDR log doesn’t show any entries…but whe I look at /var/log/asterisk-asrterisk/cdr-csv/Master,csv, all the calll log entries are there…

[quote],“078123456”,“s”,“ivr-3”,""“UK Moby”" <078123456>",“SIP/811111-0865fb20”,"",“Hangup”,"",“2007-05-13 04:48:56”,“2007-05-13 04:48:56”,“2007-05-13 04:49:00”,4,4,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

,“0142881124”,“s”,“custom-ME”,""“Ted Mobile”" <0142881124>",“SIP/923051234-08629418”,“SIP/VoipTalk-0865fb20”,“Dial”,“SIP/078123456@VoipTalk|60|r”,“2007-05-13 12:07:13”,“2007-05-13 12:07:13”,“2007-05-13 [/quote]12:13:07”,354,354,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

I’m using Asterisk 1.2 on Centos 4.4. FreePBX version 2.2.1.

Would appreciate any assistance.