Ztdummy kills audio

I’ve installed

asterisk 1.4.18
zaptel 1.4 svn and have tried stable
debain 4.0 smp kernel

Problem that i’m having is when I load ztdummy none of system recording work? If unload it prompts work again??

Any Ideas?

I´m having the same problem. I use other language than EN. I saved all the “new sounds” in the correct place, and it works.

Then I realize that the “conference” was not working and that I have to “enable” the ZTDUMMY module for timing purpose for the conference to work. Afther that All the sounds where Killed. ???

If I disable the ZTDUMMY module again the sounds comes back, but in ENGLISH even if the command shows playing xxxxxx, pt_BR (my language that was working before). I have to copy all the sounds back for then work. I thing that this is “something” with the owner or the mode (chmode) of the files, but I have no skill or knowledge enough to know what to do.

If someone can help us, it will be very much appreciated.

I was able to resolve my issues…What OS, Asterisk, Zatpel are you using.
I believe the issue is with what ever version of the kernel you are running and zaptel…
I had to compile a custom kernel on my debian system which was 2.18 to 2.23 and then recomplied zaptel and everything started working.

Hi, Thanks for your replay.

I just instaled PIAF (do you Konow this guys?). I believe that this distribuition uses centOS 5 and asterisk 1.4. Can you direct me what command(s) to know exactly what version of OS, Asterisk and Zaptel I am using?


hmmm…“uname -a” will get what kernel your running…I think you should ask these questions on their forums since your using their product.


My Linux is: 2.6.18-8.1.15.e15
Asterisk: 1.4.18

Thanks for any help


Yup thats the same kernel I was running on my debian machine…
First you can try downloading zaptel from svn and see if that fixes…But I believe the issue is with the kernel, so recompling to a new kernel may be needed.