Ztdummy and GSM file playback issue

I install Asterisk 1.2.15, zaptel 1.2.13 and addons-1.2.5 using Ztdummy on Fedora Core 6. I am using SIP only without any telephony card on it. Everything is working fine, I can call out and terminate with Quintum GW to PSTN voice is fine and clear. I want to use meet me after I press the conf. number, the GSM file play back is very choppy and slow. It happen all the gsm play back files, haven’t test on wav or MP3 yet. After I remove Ztdummy the gsm play back is get back to normal, but I got error in entering the PIN for the conf. room. I need to use meetme functionality.
It is the bug on this version or it is something that I did wrong?

BTW I have freepbx-2.2.1 on the box.

Many thanks,
S Khou

your problem is timing-related. One of the functions of Zaptel is to provide Asterisk with a timer interface, either from a TDM card or from USB or the kernel (ztdummy). If your timer is not producing the right timing, you will get choppy audio. However if you do not have zaptel loaded, Asterisk won’t use it (thus GSM works) but on the other hand meetme won’t work either.

Try the zttest tool in your zaptel source dir… that will show you the problem. Try upgrading your kernel and recompiling zaptel…

hello.i have the same problem as SKhou. i need zaptel only for the meetme conferecing.
and what if zttest doesn’t show any results?it only shows “Open pseudo zap interface,measuring accuracy…”.and nothing more happens no matter how long it runs. when ctrl+c is pressed is shows that 0 passes were made.

i installed

on Debian 2.4

thanks in advance

did you install zaptel? once you make it you have to make install, then either make config to load the init scripts or modprobe zaptel and ztdummy…

The best kernel to use when using ztdummy is anything 2.6.13 or greater.

thanks for the replies


of course i did install it. and i also did make config,and loaded both zaptel and ztdummy.
without them beeing loaded everything is working ok(except meetme of course).but i need meetme feature :frowning:

but i never saw the words “don’t use ztdummy under 2.4 kernel version” anywhere. i need to make it work in 2.4 no matter what :cry: :cry: :cry:

ok,what can cause the problem that zttest doesn’t want to work?

With kernel 2.4 the timimg comes from the usb module and not the ztdummy. You must have an uhci usb controller. This is on page 25 of Asterisk - The Future of Telephony

i have it

[quote=“Naranha”]thanks for the replies

but i never saw the words “don’t use ztdummy under 2.4 kernel version” anywhere. i need to make it work in 2.4 no matter what :cry: :cry: :cry:[/quote]

On anything less than 2.6.13 it is less reliable timing. The 2.6.13 kernels produce their own timing which ztdummy uses and is much more reliable. Your only choices are going to be to upgrade the kernel or get a Zaptel card.

we use 2.4 kernel for our project so my boss said i must make it work under 2.4.i have no choice. :confused:

hmmmm…i installed zaprtc instead of ztdummy and everything seems to be working correctly now :confused: