ZRTP through Asterisk

Good afternoon!

I have:

  • installed Asterisk 15.6.1 on Debian 9
  • configured two pjsip endpoints (TLS transport on 5061 port)
  • configured two CSipSimpe clients on android
  • no have trunk and registrations
  • two pjsip endpoints registered successfull by next schema:

      endpoint1 —TLS— asterisk —TLS— endpoint2

I would like pass ZRTP data through Asterisk like this schema:

endpoint1 —TLS— asterisk —TLS— endpoint2
      |                                                            |

  -----------ZRTP voice----------

I have several questions:

  1. Which options of endpoints modules am I needed to turn on and which turn off?
  2. Am I needed to configure SRTP? (I know this no needs for ZRTP)
  3. Does decodes Asterisk ZRTP data or not?
  4. ZRTP through Asterisk, is it possible actually??

Just now I’m needed a base solution, please, don’t offer solutions like these: FreePBX, Freeswitch, Kamailio and other apps

Asterisk is a back to back user agent and will implement hop by hop, not end to end, encryption. I don’t believe it supports ZRTP.

Where are you from took this information?
Asterisks developers were writing about this?

We don’t document everything we don’t support, if we supported ZRTP it would be documented as being supported and it would appear in configuration somewhere. From the code itself, though:

ast_log(LOG_DEBUG, "Found Zfone extension in RTP stream - zrtp - not supported.\n");
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Thank you. Could you please provide a link to that quote?

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Thank you.
I know why asterisk is not supporting zrtp but I want to get an answer, will you developing ZRTP?

Sangoma are not going to answer that until development has already started, and code has appeared in the public repository They can’t answer for other members of the community. My guess, though, would be “no”.

I know of noone actively working on such a thing, but I can not speak for the community in certainty as Asterisk is an open source project - so as long as submissions are license compatible, we review and potentially accept anything.

Through FreePBX (Sangoma) ZRTP passed.
I searched base solution with Asterisk and understood that it’s impossible at the moment

Thank you for your support!
Have a nice day

Sangoma took over DIgium earlier this year, so Asterisk is owned by Sangoma.

I have found no evidence that Sangoma patch Asterisk, and I think a patch to support ZRTP would be a major patch, so I don’t see how FreePBX can support it, but not standard Asterisk.

Are you confusing FreePBX with FreeSwitch?

Yes, I mean FreeSwitch passed ZRTP, not FreePBX

FreeSwitch is not owned by Sangoma. It seems to be owned by a company trading as FreeSwitch.com, but, as this is a US site, the underlying owner doesn’t seem to be identified.

It has a radically different internal architecture from that of Asterisk.