Asterisk and ZRTP

Hi everyone,

I’m Max and I’m new from this forum, I’m from italy and I hope you’ll apologise my bad english:)

I’m working on my thesis as telecomunication Engeneer, it involves obviously VOIP and in particular Voip security. I managed to install asterisk and configure it as SIP server, I tried TLS support and it worked well. My next step should be tryin to make it work with zrtp protocol and that’s where I’m finding problems…

FIrst of all I have to admit that I’m just a principiant in these staffs but I’m tryin’ to learn…

I followed this site but I can’t make pjsip works… Actually I’m not interested in this software in particular, I just need something that works properly.
So if there is somebody who can tell me a good alternative that works well I’d be glad to try.

thank you very much to all of you

Try Freeswitch. I have it set up using GroundWire SIP client for IOS and it works great. You can also use ZFONE with x-lite.