Media Encryption issue


We are using Asterisk 14.X on the server and android client LinPhone

we have configured TLS 1.2 and we want to use Media encryption DTLS/ SRTP and ZRTP

while trying DTLS and SRTP call l is not getting connected and while using ZRTP call is getting connected but video and audio is not working.

Let us know how we shall resolve the issue?

ZRTP is not supported. DTLS-SRTP requires support on the remote side and for it to be enabled there, and with 14 being an old version it may not have fixes in that area either.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Which version shall we update? shall we update to 15 version. or more?


Supported versions and their lifespans are documented on the wiki[1]. It’s up to you to decide which is best for you.


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Hi Jcolp

We are looking for video calling end to end encryption?

so let me know which protocol we shall use?

Thanks for your reply.


I haven’t used LinPhone so I can’t comment on what it supports.

I can say that Asterisk does not support true end to end encryption. The media is always decrypted and in the clear within the Asterisk core.

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Hi Jcolp

Thanks for quick reply.

do you aware of flexisip?

if yes please reply.


I know it exists. I can’t comment on it either.


ok we are looking for developer who help us to implement this.

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