Zoned paging

I’m still in a proof of concept mode and * looks like it meets our needs but I have ran into one problem I cannot find info on. Our current system has zoned paging. We can define multiple zones and add extensions to the zones plus the paging system amplifier. To page a zone I dial #00, #01, etc and the page goes out over the hands free speaker of the associated extensions and the speakers connected to the amplifier (if the amp was in that zone). I can find next to zero information on whether or not * can support zoned paging.

at a CLI, show application Page, then you just need to create the extensions in extensions.conf


  • will support zone paging, but it is dependent on the phones supporting it. Aastra, Polycom, Cisco and Snom do, not sure about the lowerend sets.
    As to interfacing with a external system you will have to be creative. one way would be using a meetme where the users audio is muted. As AFAIK you wont be able to page a fxs so you will need to call that and have the paging system answer (valcom systems can do this AFAIK).
    There is some details on voip-info with respect to the page.


Do any of the softphones support it?

Just tried Moxphone and xlite, and they dont. eyebeam maybe.