Zaptel modules

System is a Mandrake 10.0 , 2.6 kernel.

I CVSed the latest Zaptel software. I cleaned and installed with (apparently) no problems - files appeared and the modprobe.conf was modified.

when I modprobe zaptel
I get FATAL Module zaptel not found

I’m a bit stuck. What should I be checking?



Aren’t you supposed to modprobe something besides zaptel?

Yes, but nothing else works either. I’ve been talking to digium support and if I can get it to work I’ll post with the solution (I think other folks have had this problem).

I promised to let you know the solution so here goes:

Thanks to Ian Kinner at digium support for this.

A Mandrake 10.0 system (I think this is the problem)

Zaptel compiled O.K but the module could not be found, despite the fact it was in the correct place /lib/modules/‘uname-r’/extra/zaptel.ko where ‘uname-r’ is your kernel. (Ian Kinner pointed out that it could be misc instead of extra).

Ian Kinner suggested removing the modules, then make clean and recompile, then depmod -a and try again. It didn’t work. So then do /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/‘uname -r’/extra/zaptel.ko . It worked! I had to do the same for wctdm.ko and finally the lights appeared on the TDM card.

Perhaps this is something that could appear in a FAQ or in the Documentation somehow?