Zaptel.conf file missing?


Fedora Core 5 on Celeron 800MHz 195 MB RAM and 40-ish GB HDD, installed asterisk, libpri 1.2.2 and zaptel 1.2.5. No TDM or other FXO/FXS cards, only an analog PCI modem…
Clean install of Fedora (no dual boot nor other OS). However, during instalation of zaptel (from tarball), an eror was reported that the kernel was missing (is it possible that no kernel came with Fedora installation?). But Asterisk server happily complies whenever called from shell…
Am following steps from the book “Asterisk the future of telephony” and am trying to get Asterisk working for the first time, however the zaptel.conf file is missing (needed for initial setup). How to go about this? Would uninstall help?
Not only to Asterisk, am fairly new to Linux as well…


If no kernel came with fedora you wold have more issues than just zaptel!

zaptel needs the kernel source to be installed. There isn’t a zaptel.conf by default you need to create it.

If you are just testing and/or using this for a very small home/business you may be better off starting with Asterisk@Home especially if you are new to Linux. Asterisk@Home is basically a prebuilt install of linux, zaptel, asterisk, FreePBX, and FOP that you just burn to CD and pop in to install.