Issues installing asterisk

hi, i’m kind of new to asterisk so be gentle :smile:

for a school project we are preparing a asterisk server to use in a somewhat production lab environment. currently we are using Fedora Core 5 and following instructions on how to install on fedora to the dot. However, after we get asterisk installed (and i’m not sure if we are doing this correctly everything is located on the desktop. ) we try to install Zaptel and we get the following error when we make

You do not appear to have the sources for the 2.6.15-1.2054fc5smp kernel installed

Make **** [linux26] ERROR 1 is also another error we have, i have looked at documentation everywhere, and i’m lost.

(i think our kernel for fedora is at 2.9)

if someone would be able to help me i would be much appreciated.

Which Zaptel version? How did you install Asterisk? (Version?)

Have you followed README.linux26 instructions regarding kernel source/header?

Since 1.2.15, linux26 is no longer a valid target, but README.linux26 still referred to it in at least one version. See bug 9296

zapitel as well as asterisk on the latest version (2 downloads on the home page i dont rember the versions off hand)

[quote]Have you followed README.linux26 instructions regarding kernel source/header?

no, i had no read the readme insturctions regarding the kernel source/header. when our group was going thogh the instructions, it was kind of late and we called it a day after we banged our heads a little.