Zaptel calls - delayed sound start and ignored key press


I have two issues that occur while making outbound Zaptel calls using a Digium TDM400P (with two FXO modules installed). Neither of these problems occur when making SIP calls to an Xlite client on my computer. The call is an IVR survey, asking callees for responses to questions; it is triggered by a .call file moved into the outgoing/ directory.

  1. When answering the call by phone, the sound does not start until after an 8 second delay. During this time, there are no messages on the Asterisk console.

  2. The first message asks call recipients to “press any key to continue.” The first key press is ignored (again, the Asterisk console shows nothing). The second key press and all subsequent ones behave as expected.

Any ideas about what settings need to be changed? I figure it must be in zaptel.conf or zapata.conf, as the problems occur on Zap calls but not SIP ones. Below are the settings that I think may be relevant or helpful.


.call file:

Channel: Zap/1c/51234 ;Channel: SIP/client_xlite MaxRetries: 1 RetryTime: 300 WaitTime: 60 Context: program_name Extension: s Priority: 1 Callerid: 'User'<1234567890>


fxsks=1-2 loadzone=us defaultzone=us


[trunkgroups] [channels] language=en context=default switchtype=national rxgain=0.0 txgain=0.0 signalling=fxs_ks immediate=no busydetect=yes answeronpolarityswitch=yes hanguponpolarityswitch=yes callprogress=yes progzone=us group=1 callerid="User"<1234567890> channel => 1 channel => 2