Zapbarge dialing an extension

Hi I am writing some monitoring software for a call center.
I was wondering if it possible to somehow zapbarge into a channel but instead having
the user have to call the phonesystem and dial the zapbarge extension and then dial
the channel, would it be possible to somehow zapbarge into a specified channel, and
once this is accomplished to have asterisk call another extension and let the person who
initiated the zapbarge listen in?


i have a basic set of php scripts which do this through the manager API…

one script pulls a list of active SIP channels, and links to a second script, which, when the monitor link is clicked, initiates an Originate command via the manager interface to a zapbarge extension, passing the channel as an argument.

the system knows which phone to dial based on a simple login system.

the entire codebase is maybe 200 lines, and the meat of the code is less than 50.

if you know any programming languages, it’s very easy to connect to the manager interface to pull and push data to do just about anything you can think of.

Can i have the code?

can you ask nicer?

I really appologize the way i asked for it.

it’s all good, i’m in a bad mood today anyway.

PM replied to, hope it helps.


thanks for the code but i am using sip trunks and voice quality sucks using ChanSpy and I cannot monitor sip trunks using ZapBarge.

what kind of interface card are you using, or are you not using one??? chanspy sounds great for me…i wonder if you have a timing issue.

I am using SIP trunks (VoIP), its not a hardware.

aha…do you load ztdummy before launching asterisk? also, what version of zaptel are you running?

No, I haven’t loaded it is it necessery for SIP channels as well?

yes, load ztdummy and restart asterisk - i know that i’ve had problems with sound quality if i don’t have any sort of zaptel driver loaded.

give it a shot.

I dont have usb-huci driver on my server machine, but i have usb-ohci and usb-uhci is required to load ztdummy.
what to do now?


what kernel version are you running?

I am using

well, then i don’t know what to say - if you can upgrade to the 2.6.x kernel, you don’t need a USB device as a timing source. do you have a test box you can either upgrade to the newer kernel, or a USB card you could install?