Zapata.conf -- understanding Zapata.conf dringcontext

Reading … apata.conf


in zapata.conf:


then (actually in an INCLUDE):

channel => 2

if a call coming in on channel 1 has a ring pattern of 0,0,0 (NOT the distictive ring !), from-custom-9682345 is executed.

Otherwise from-custom-9682345-dring is executed.

The reason I am doing this ‘backwards’ is that my distinctive ring pattern is different:

Feb 7 09:18:24 VERBOSE[29068] logger.c: – Detected ring pattern: 328,289,265

is the latest.

So I figure I should match on the non-distictive ring number which is always 0,0,0 ???

not sure that is how it works :confused: i used to have distinctive ring and got a different pattern almost everytime as well as 0,0,0 and i had about 40 dring= statements that then all went to the same inbound context.

in the end i gave it up and got SIP DIDs and haven’t looked back !!

your logic looks good, but i don’t think zaptel is the same :wink: