Different Distinctive ring each time

This is on a clone FXO card using the Tigerchip…

I am running AAH 2.4 (lastest * and zapata included)


I am trying to get Distinctive ring working, as that is how I get faxes.

I have turned on distinct ring detect and was in verbose mode of 5.

For 2 calls I see different ring values:

Feb 2 11:39:19 VERBOSE[4247] logger.c: – Detected ring pattern: 320,283,259

Feb 2 11:43:43 VERBOSE[4291] logger.c: – Detected ring pattern: 373,334,324

Thus how do I set up context selection based on this? See:


Oh, this is with SBC in the Detroit, MI area.

I am not getting DID on this line. I could try and yell at SBC, but I have a feeling how far it would go…

Seems to me that from that same page and this one… should be fairly simple…

edit the indications.conf file
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … tions.conf

to your specificiation for the distinctive ring. Then you need to edit your zapata.conf file
[pasted from wiki]
[there is your context setting]

If you have multiple distinctive ring styles, you may add entries for dring2 and dring3.

[end paste]