Zapata channels - gaining understanding

ok, I am reading … apata.conf

I kind of see how the channel statement works.

So my zapata.conf includes zapata-auto.conf where the channel statements occur.

Being ‘paranoid’, I do not want to alter zapata-auto.conf, so I added zapata_custom.conf as an include to zapata.conf (thus I only need to change zapata.conf on a reinstall, instead of zapata-auto.conf anytime yum update with Centos redoes the kernel and hoses the zapata stuff; anyway it seems cleaner to me).

So I need to change the channel ‘definitions’ like the context. So I would want to ‘overwrite’ the channel definition by repeating the channel statement in my custom file. e.g.:

channel => 1

Does this work as intended? That is whenever channel 1 gets a call, context from-custom-9681234 is executed instead of from-pstn (which is in zapata.conf).