Zap to Dahdi configuration changes

Hello all,

Recently I have had to update Asterisk from v 1.4 to the latest v.1.11. After a lot of painful changes the IVR is working and the outbound calling process seems to now work except for one small caveat.

Let me explain what the old did and what the new is doing:
Used channels 7-14 purely for outbound calling. The java process controlled what channels were used so that the process could be multithreaded. This worked like a charm. Calls were made using the syntax ZAP/‘channel#’/‘phonenumber’. Example: ZAP/7/1111111 used channel 7 and called number 111-1111.

Realized that we had to use DAHDI instead of Zap. However it seems that I cannot specify what channel I want. If I do this syntax DAHDI/7/1111111 it will display in CLI as DAHDI/i1/1111111-1. From what I understand the i1 has something to do with span 1??? If I initiate two outbound calls it seems like it is ignoring the channel number and the second call waits until the first is done to complete so it must be both trying to use the same channel.

How do I specify channels and get this working? Thanks in advance.

Please show your dahdi-channels.conf


switchtype = national
signalling = pri_cpe
channel => 1-23
context = default
group = 63

Your original solution was over-engineered. Simply split the channels into two groups and make outgoing calls on only one of them.

You only have the default group 0 , this is exactly what you need to do.

Simply split the channels into two groups and make outgoing calls on only one of them.[/quote]

I understand the original solution may have been over engineered. However certain channels hold values for me. Can I keep it this way? Perhaps I can make each channel it’s own group and go that route?

I suspect that your addresses where still selecting specific channels, but the way that channel names are formed has been changed.