I have a couple of questions about Asterisk:

  1. What is the “trunkgroup” in zapata.conf? Can anyone elaborate it and when should I configure it? (If there are resources online you may kindly point me there either) For your information I have some Digium PRI interfaces here.

  2. As of Asterisk 1.4.5, can I create IAX trunks of arbitrary simultaneous calls while providing guarantees that the IAX2 packet size will not exceed the MTU (or any configurable limit)? I see some code on Asterisk SVN trunk about “trunkmtu” but not sure whether that is exactly what I want and it seems it is not available for the Asterisk 1.4 branch.

  3. I have tried running dialplan Monitor() on a ZAP channel. The recorded clip was jerky. But if I recorded at the tier immediately before it (which is IAX2) the recording was fine. I have tried activating jitter buffer and did not help much. Did I miss anything here?

Any insights are appreciated.