Zap trunk dialplan config

Hi all,

I’ve recently got myself a TE120P that I plan to connect to our legacy work PABX via a full E1 connection - i.e. all 31 channels. I have configured the card and the channels come up fine, module loads fine, etc - so I have no issues with that part. BTW I’m running latest AsterixNow - Beta5 version.

What I am after is some guidance on developing a dialplan that would allow me to do the following:

For outgoing calls - i.e. not matching any configured extension, I would like to route it dynamically to one of the free E1 channels.

For incoming calls, the PABX will be configured so that specific extensions of my team are redirected into a free channel across the E1 - what configuration must be made so that the Asterisk server accepts the incoming call and recognizes from the signaling the extension being dialed.

Is this possible at all or do I have to map specific E1 channels to specific extensions?

Any helps or pointers to specific documents would be very much appreciated.

i dont know much about E1, but the principe must be the same as for my b410p (isdn bri).

For incoming calls (in misdn case) you just need to affect ports to context and use your phone number as extension, for example:
phone number 0323647822
used extension: 647822

Second, you must group your channels to dial out, group =1 (in whatever conf)
and then xxxxxx,1,Dial(Technology/g1).

Third, i dont know if it possible to dynamicly route the number if no extensions mach, but it is much easier to write a good dialplan, like "if Sip provider 1 is dead => call with E1 channels)