Zap dialing problems

I have a TDM card with two channels, one connected to my home land line and the other connected to my business line. I have my dialplan set that if I just dial a number, it goes out the sip provider, and if I dial a 9 first, then it goes out the Zap channel. Basically it works, but I have to dial twice to get the call to go through. I can watch the CLI and see the correct number go by and the “Called 3/12223334444” go by so it is properly removing the ‘9’ and dialing. But I almost always get the tone and message from the phone company “You must first dial a 1…” or other error messages even tho the 1 is included. Same goes for local calls where I do not need the 1, I get the error message telling me I don’t need to dial a 1, and I didn’t. All I do is hang up the call on my Polycom IP500, press the “Redial” key and the call goes through every time. The lines that fly by on the CLI look identical. I have cut and pasted them and compared, they are the same for the failed call as the successfull call. It has to be something in the TDM card I’m guessing.


you need to add a pause before dialing the number. I believe its a w in the dial string so w1222333 for example


Sweet! That seems to have fixed it. Of course I’ve only made two calls, but I’m guessing it is OK now. Thanks!