Yet Another Python Wrapper

I have created a somewhat comprehensive set of Asterisk API wrappers for Python 3.7 or later in the form of Seaskirt. This covers AMI, AGI, ARI and the console socket interface, offering both synchronous and asynchronous versions of all the main API classes. I have avoided creating elaborate wrapper classes for now, so request/response messages are just encapsulated as generic Python dictionary objects.

I haven’t done any proper docs as yet, but I do offer some small examples of its use in the examples repo.



Big :heart: for “The Asterisk API Zoo” in the README!

Looking at some other wrappers I came across, and their features:

Name AMI AGI ARI asyncio TLS
pyst2 yes yes no no (uses threads) no
py-asterisk yes no no no no
panoramisk yes FastAGI only no yes no
asyncari no no yes via anyio no

Are there any others I should be aware of? What happened to StarPy and ari-py?

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