Swagger-py fork adds Python3 support

I hope everyone is doing well!

Just a heads up that I’ve forked the swagger-py project on github to swaggerpy3. This last weekend I refactored the original swagger-py code to support Python3, and I’ll be working on integrating asyncio and aiohttp in this library as my free time permits (shouldn’t take too long to do).

After I finish work on updating the swaggerpy3 library, I plan on updating the ari-py project in a similar fashion.

On another note, I’d heard rumblings of potentially switching out the swagger / openapi spec for another api spec because of version issues, but the topic fizzled in the forums and I didn’t see it go anywhere further.

All the best to everyone!

  • Darren



And then I found . . https://pypi.org/project/aioswagger11/


Nothing like doing duplicate work!

Turns out that aioswagger11 is not fully async, nor does it support python 3.6.5.

Sooo . . I just spent the weekend getting swaggerpy3 up to snuff.

Fully async and with a complete aiohttp implementation and latest and greatest python support.


(and wow . . is it fast!)

I’m taking a look now