X-Lite - No audio on outside calls

Hi everybody. I’m new to Asterisk and this is my first post. I’ve got AsteriskNow and FreePBX set up with everything running mostly OK, except for an issue with a softphone that I just can’t seem to figure out. I suspect the source of the problem may be in a network configuration somewhere and not the softphone itself, but I’m not sure. The problem I’m having is this: When dialing an outside line from the softphone through Asterisk, the call is placed and connects, but when the other party answers, there is no audio on either side. That would lead me to believe there is a port that isn’t open somewhere or a codec that isn’t syncing up, but if I call an inside extension from the same softphone, everything works fine. Here are some specifics about the system that may help with troubleshooting:

  • Asterisk ver 1.8.11
  • FreePBX ver
  • Asterisk is on its own server behind a NAT
  • The outside IP of the NAT is not static, but has a domain assigned via DynDNS
  • TCP & UDP ports 5060, 5061 and 10000-20000 are forwarded to the Asterisk machine
  • 2 hardphones (ext 6001 and 6002)
  • 1 softphone (ext 6011)
  • Calls between 6001 & 6002 or from either of those to the outside work OK
  • Calls from the outside to either 6001 or 6002 work OK
  • Calls from 6011 to either 6001 or 6002 works OK
  • Calls from 6011 to an ouside line connects, but there is no audio in either direction

Can somebody with more Asterisk experience under their belt shed some light on this? I’d really appreciate it. I’ll be happy to provide more info if necessary. Thanks in advance!


You may have direct media enabled for the the NATed connection.

You might not have localnets, or stunaddr/externip/externhost configured.