Asterisk from outside - almost got it, but

I have been playing with Asterisk for a couple weeks now. So far, very promising…

I have a single CO line coming in on a Digium clone card. I have a broadvoice number coming in over the web. I am testing with X-Lite. I can connect 2 extensions internally, call each other, call in, call out, etc. Awesome.

Now, I’m trying to connect an X-Lite client from the web. I almost got it.

At one point, I could connect to the server from the web. I could make calls. I could receive calls. But - they couldn’t hear me. I could hear them. soooooooooooo close…

Here’s a killer… If I connect with VPN from the outside, I can’t login to the Asterisk box using the internal IP address ( If I connect without VPN, I can log in to Asterisk and make calls, I can hear them but they can’t hear me. If I connect the PC with VPN but log in to Asterisk through the internet IP address, everything works GREAT.

Very strange. Seems like my outbound audio is trying to go to instead of 24.x.x.x.

My X-lite settings are as follows:

domain/realm: 24.x.x.x
sip proxy: 24.x.x.x
outbound proxy: 24.x.x.x
use outbound proxy: default
send internal ip: default
register: default

Any ideas???