Wrong informations registered in fields of Mysql database - Asterisk 13.18.5

I enable the mysql in my Asterisk server 13.18.5 and setup to record the data in my database in the table cdr. After I do it I had problems in the fields start, answer and end. The 3 fields are registering the same information on database, the strange thing is that the Master.csv file is registering correctly.

Can anyone help me?

Bellow informations to see in the image the data of database, and the record of Master.csv


“”,“5000”,"+5531995292655",“rotadesaida-silver”,""“Leandro CEL”" <5000>",“SIP/5000-00000002”,“SIP/voxbeam-00000003”,“Dial”,“SIP/voxbeam/00111035531995292655,180/nj”,“2018-01-25 20:29:35”,“2018-01-25 20:29:43”,“2018-01-25 20:29:47”,11,4,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1516919375.3”,""

Minimum time to up is 24 hours.

upping… anyone can help me?

Do you solve your problem ?

Yes, I reinstalled the Asterisk and I don’t have more these fields start, end, answer… I only use calldate now.

But how can you get date answer ?

What is the date answer? The time that the call was attended? I use only the calldate and the duration

On the CDR you have the following information available

  • Start time - the time at which the CDR was created for Party A
  • Answer time - the time at which Party A and Party B could begin communicating
  • End time - the time at which Party A and Party B could no longer communicate

From these times, two durations are computed:

  • Duration - the End time minus the Start time.
  • Billsec - the End time minus the Answer time.


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