Wrong information cdr, asterisk 16

Hello I have a problema with CDR mysql in Asterisk 16.2.1

The fields start , answer , end have the same information, but in Master.csv its OK.

Yes, that is a problem… But what are you asking…?

Cause you are telling us something like, " my car does not work, I have gas and the battery is ok"

If you want people to help you, you have to provide information, think log files, configuration, etc…

What have you tried yourself to solve this problem?

I only want know if is a bug from asterisk.

I disabled cdr to mysql and now I using Cel for get correct information.

Well, then the answer is no, cause my cdr’s are working fine in mysql.

In your mysql CDR the fields start, answer and end have correct date time ?

Yes, they do. All correct.

whats asterisk version ?

The asterisk version used is 15.7.1