MySQL cdr not working

I recently decided to build & install 1.6.0-beta2 because i was playing around with bluetooth facilities which i couldn’t get to work on asterisk-1.4.13.
Now i have bluetooth working fine, but i can’t get cdr back to mysql database. Cdr’s are logged in the default csv file though.

I know this is the risk of playing with beta’s :blush: but i can’t believe mysql cdr not working is a beta issue.

Database is working, accessible and i can’t find any db-related error message.
By providing wrong database connection settings in cdr_mysql.conf, i’m able to trigger mysql error messages, but after correcting everything seems fine again.

Is there an explicit switch somewehere i should use for turning on mysql cdr?
I haven’t found one beside providing the cdr_mysql.conf.

Found something weird:
cdr records do get populated to mysql database but with calldate and time all zeroes.
When queried from freepbx i don’t see those cdr’s because their date is too low.

Have to find out now why the calldate field is not being populated to the database.

To be continued…

Problem fixed!

Found a file named UPGRADE.txt in asterisk-addons source folder containing following information regarding cdr_mysql module:

[quote] - Module now permits arbitrary columns to be created and populated, just like
cdr_adaptive_odbc, simply by adding the column to the table and defining the
corresponding CDR() variable. Aliases may be used to define
relationships between differently-named variables and columns (such as the
calldate column and the start CDR variable).

  • The calldate column, as defined in the sample configuration, uses the start
    time of the call, as opposed to the old behavior of using the end time.
    However, you may get the old behavior for calldate, simply by changing the
    alias to “end => calldate”.

I added following lines to cdr_mysql.conf to get things working:


That’s why:
always read release notes / upgrade information, etc! :blush: