Wrong disposition and duration information inside h extension for queue application


I have a context for queue application and I am storing all the cdr variable data in db using h extension.

I have a queue with 75 agents and ringall strategy. Now the problem is, even if the call gets answered in the case of ringall strategy, queue app channel does not contain correct destination channels information in cdr variables, it must contain the information of answered channel but it does not. Although the queue app channel gets answered it does not get stored with answered dispostion nor right duration.

Please suggest what to do.

Is there anyone who can help on this matter? @Joshua @ David

If we have something to say, we will do so without being tagged.

In my case, the implementation of CDRs has been changed greatly since I looked at it in any detail. (There used to be strange swapping of the bridge and channel CDRs, but I never understood why that happened, only looked at it for Dial, and that was before the implementation was reworked.)

@david I apologize, it seems like for queues CDR is complex. queue parent channel must be updated with the bridged channel but’s not happening. Thanks David for your help.

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